Would your customers?


I took this photo on a very rainy Saturday morning, July 6, 2013.

Would your customers stand in line, in the rain, for thirty minutes, to do business with you?  They do at The Pancake Pantry in Nashville.  Why?  What’s their secret?

There is no secret.  Here’s how The Pancake Pantry has created a booming business and raving, loyal customers for decades:  Value, quality, consistency, easy to do business with.

Sorry.  You wanted a “wow” factor, didn’t you?  You were thinking that surely they must do something really unique to make them stand out.  Well, they actually do.  They are very, very good at what their customers value most.  Pancakes and all that goes along with them.

The Pancake Pantry makes really good pancakes, charges a fair price (but it’s not cheap), has a top notch professional wait staff, is conveniently located, gets the food to the tables fairly quickly, and does it all with an amazing level of consistency.

You may be thinking, “but it’s not that simple.”   Uh, yeah, it really IS that simple.  What’s tripping you up is that it’s not easy.  Not easy at all.  That’s why there are so few businesses for whom customers will stand in line in the rain.

Quality is hard.  Consistency takes work.  Not many people are willing to work that hard.

(Be The Best At What Matters Most)

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  1. Joel Boggess Reply

    Ahhhhhh. The Pancake Pantry. Hope you walked across the street afterward and grabbed a cup of coffee from Fido. You’ll most likely experience more of the same there. :-)

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