Simplicity and Focus

I’ve been studying and working with extraordinary organizations and top performing individuals for over thirty years. The most common and powerful factor in all of their successes has been the ability to simplify and focus. The two go hand in hand, because in order to get to simplicity, you have to have focus.

Have Problems. Do It Wrong.

The Head of School at my daughter’s high school asked the assembled parents a question, “How many of you want your children to learn to be problem-solvers?” All hands went up. He then asked, “How many of you want your children to have problems in school this year?” One or two hands went up, mine included.

And This is How We Lose…

My friend Scott McKain wrote a great blog about the true nature of what being a champion means. He uses sports as a great analogy to show that it’s not a matter of dominance, but rather a matter of degree. It made me think of another perspective on winning which is completely different than sports. Think about how we win, and become champions, in business.