Becoming a Category of One

“You gave us a blueprint to follow if we wanted to create a company that defied comparison and more importantly gave us thoughts and suggestions to markedly improve upon how we do business.  ‘Becoming A Category of One’ has become my bible on how we should operate and put ourselves in a position to rise above the competition.”  

Mike Gorlick – CEO – Zenith Marketing

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Never by Chance

“Loaded with innovative ideas and filled with insights from both a consulting and CEO perspective, it lays out a plan for aligning people and strategy to dramatically improve market share and ROI.”

Kevin J. Clancy, Ph.D., Chairman, Copernicus Marketing Consulting

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“Of course you want to be indispensable to your customers. In Indispensable, edgy business thinker and master communicator Joe Calloway explains how. His ideas are grounded in reality..”

Mark Sanborn, Author, The Fred Factor

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Work Like You`re Showing Off

“Joe teaches you to let go of your excuses, break out of your chains, crawl out of your rut, drop your baggage at the door, then kick the door down and grab life by the throat.”

Larry Winget, Author, It’s Called Work For A Reason

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