The Art of Attracting Business

What do market leaders do to become a magnet for new business and new customers?  In Magnetic, you’ll learn the simple, powerful strategy of how to get your existing customers to send new business to your door.  Positive word-of-mouth is the single most powerful driver of new business with consumers and business-to-business buyers.  When you get clarity and focus on what to do to harness this force, you create a never-ending flow of new customers.  Through real world case studies and Joe’s “straight talk” writing style, you’ll discover actionable strategies that you can implement immediately.


be-the-best-bookBe the Best at What Matters Most
The Only Strategy You Will Ever Need

Winners in business aren’t the ones who do the most things; the winners are the ones who do the most important things.

Be the Best at What Matters Most. is about the one essential strategy for business leaders, entrepreneurs, owners, managers and those who want to be one. Simplify, focus, and win by outperforming all your competition on those things that create real value for the customer. This is about substance, not flash, and the ultimate “wow” factors of high quality performance, consistency and relentless improvement.


becoming-a-category-of-one-bookBecoming a Category of One
How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity and Defy Comparison

Becoming a Category of One reveals how extraordinary companies do what they do so well and gives you the tools and ideas to help your business emulate their success. Packed with real case studies and personal reflections from successful business leaders, it helps you apply the best practices of the best companies to set yourself apart from your competitors and turn your business into a market leader.

Whether you run a multinational corporation or a two-person start-up company, the lessons you’ll find here apply to any business. This Second Edition includes a new chapter on “tie breakers,” updated examples of today’s category of one companies, and special contributions from business experts, bestselling authors, and CEOs on the future category of one business.


never-by-chance-bookNever by Chance
Aligning People and Strategy Through Intentional Leadership

Ask any business leader how tough today’s enviornment is and they’ll most likely tell you they’ve never worked harder. Many talk of an environment where the pressure to deliver has reached a “white hot” level of intensity, where careers that used to be measured in decades are now measures in a couple of years (or months!) and where product and company life-cycles move from inception to commodity status in record time.

They will also tell you that, in sprite of cost management taking center stage, many of them have more initiatives to handle now than ever before. The “more with less” mantra has never been more prevalent; and it is imperative that leaders deliver greater results with fewer resources in less time. “Daunting” would not be an overstatement in describing the challenge.


How To Become The Company That Your Customers Can’t Live Without

When products and services become interchangeable, price becomes the ultimate determinant for consumers. Indispensable shows businesses how to break out of that cycle by using The Five Drivers-a strategy that takes companies to the next level of performance. Renowned business consultant Joe Calloway looks at how real companies have made their product or service “mission critical,” and satisfied customers in the process.

Indispensable goes straight to the heart of the issue and reveals how successful companies-of any size, in virtually any manufacturing, selling, or service endeavor-achieve market leadership through The Five Drivers of fierce customer loyalty.


worklikeWork Like You`re Showing Off
The Joy, Jazz, and Kick of Being Better Tomorrow Than You Were Today

Showing off is a good thing. Showing off is a mindset. Showing off is about living life and doing work in a way that creates joy, jazz, and a kick in our lives and in the lives of those around us. This is a business book for almost everyone–from executives and managers to receptionists and sales clerks. Here’s the key: success is an inside job. After 26 years of studying and working with top performers, Joe Calloway shares the key factors in creating success–without pulling any punches. Work Like You’re Showing Off! isn’t for sissies; it’s a tough, realistic approach to getting the most out of life by giving more to others.

This book proves that not only is “working like you’re showing off” the smartest way to get ahead in a career, it’s also the most joyful and rewarding way to live.