Simplify. FOCUS. Innovate.

Simplify. FOCUS. Innovate.

I just read a Fast Company article (see link below) on the power of having “Anti-Resolutions” for the New Year. Those who are familiar with my work know that I am a big believer in the power of saying “no” to create opportunity, and that those who say “no” to, as Warren Buttett suggests, “almost everything” are ultimately more successful because they have clarity and focus on what matters most.

The Battle for Relevance

You and your business are more likely to become irrelevant before you ever become obsolete. Blackberry is a great example. Its market share for smartphones was 40% in 2010. It is less than 2% today despite an 85% growth in the number of annual smartphone sales. Blackberry didn’t lose market share because it stopped working.…

How To Work With A Jerk

From Joe Calloway: OK – here’s my answer. It’s the answer for me and not necessarily for you.  The answer is that you don’t work with a jerk.  My vendors and colleagues aren’t jerks.  My customers aren’t jerks because we have a finely tuned “jerk filter” on the front end to weed them out.  I’ve…