…by the end of this week.



If you take this week to get focused on what is most important, you will be more successful.

I say that with absolute intention and confidence.  If you take this week to get focused on what is most important, you will be more successful.

Odds are that you’re making things much more complicated than they have to be.  There aren’t a thousand things you have to do in order to get better results, drive more revenue, build your customer base, and grow your business.  There are probably three.

Recently I worked with Old Dominion Freight Line.  This is an incredibly successful company by any measure.  Their numbers are extraordinary, their customers are enthusiastically loyal, and they were even named as one of the 100 Most Trustworthy Businesses in America.  A freight line is a complex business with countless moving parts that must work together seamlessly.  It would be easy for Old Dominion to make things too complicated.

They don’t.  At Old Dominion, there are three things that matters most:

  1. Pick it up when you said you would.
  2. Deliver it when you said you would.
  3. Deliver it intact and all there.

Everything they do is in the interest of making those three things happen.  It simplifies, which clarifies, which makes it easy for every employee to understand and buy into what drives the company’s success.

At IT company bytes of knowledge they’ve tied everything they do to profit.  It’s an amazingly simple guideline that helps each employee understand how to maximize their effectiveness in the interests of their customers.

At Memphis Invest each department has a simple set of numbers. Those numbers indicate how well they’re doing on the handful of things that matter most.  Their department meetings are the most efficient, effective, positive meetings I’ve ever seen.  Ever.  It’s because they have clarity of focus on what matters most.

You can read about bytes of knowledge, Memphis Invest, and many more extraordinary, focused, companies in my book, Be The Best At What Matters Most. Download a free chapter here: http://joecalloway.com/newbook/

For me, what matters most is  1) Product quality, 2) Immediate response to customers, and 3) Product quality.  No, that’s not a typo.  In my business, product quality, along with response to customers, drives my success.  I put it on the list twice just to make sure I never forget.

So what are your three things (or four, or two) that matter most?  What are the handful of things that, if you get them right every time, will drive results and ensure your success?  If you can answer that question without hesitation, that’s a good sign.  If you can’t, then that’s your problem.

Get busy.  Get focused.  If you do that by the end of this week, it’s a first step towards making 2014 an exceptional performance year for your business.

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  1. Dave Gorden Reply

    As always, great thoughts and a needed reminder. Thank you!

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