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A few things you’ll learn from this book:

  • How to identify what is most important to your customers and skip the bells and whistles
  • Why excellent products and service matter now more than ever
  • Why you need to keep improving even when things are going great
  • How to get more by doing less

If you’ve ever felt as if, even though you try to do everything right in your business, you’re still not getting ahead, maybe you’re doing too much. At least that’s what Joe Calloway, author of Be the Best at What Matters Most, would likely tell you. “Be the best at what matters most, and you will succeed,” is the simple yet powerful advice he offers for distinguishing yourself from your competitors.

Calloway posits that the business world has placed too much emphasis on the “wow” factor and not enough emphasis on the core things that make people want to do business with you. He devotes two dozen tight and focused chapters on how to get better at what matters most, ending each section with a series of thought-provoking questions that far too many leaders and entrepreneurs fail to consider with enough frequency: “What’s the main thing that draws customers to you? What are your customers’ three or four most basic expectations?”

If you can identify what matters most to your customers and then act to produce consistently excellent results every time, you’ll have a loyal customer base that will choose you even if the competition is cheaper.

Calloway loads his book with real-life examples of businesses that have discovered how to be the best at what matters most, such as Zappos and Apple, for instance. But don’t think you can’t run a business with as much clarity of purpose as the big guys. Calloway points to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, a small company in his area. Calloway calls and hires this plumbing company without even thinking about their prices because they have identified what matters most, and they act on it with every single customer interaction: 1) Be on time. 2) Clean everything up. 3) Do great work.

Is it that simple? Yes, it is. Calloway says you don’t need some complex, flowery mission statement. You don’t need to save the world. In fact, you don’t need a mission statement at all. Maybe all you need is a goal such as “build a great carburetor,” and then live by it every day. Stop looking for more to do. As Calloway’s friend and business consultant Randy Pennington says, “Sometimes I need to just get better at what I’m already doing.”

If we do the handful of things that matter most, whatever those things may be, and if we do them better than our competition, then we win.


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  1. Sandy Looney Reply

    Nice to see you James or should I say Joe

  2. Joel Boggess Reply

    Congratulations Joe! Your books and common sense guidance have been difference-makers in my business.

    When companies and leaders take to heart your advice, they quickly learn, that there is no real competition.

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