What They Say About Joe Calloway

"You pushed us to think beyond our typical boundaries and challenged us to take our business to new heights.”
Ed Quinlan
"Joe Calloway just rocked the room with his powerful insights on Magnetic: The Art Of Attracting Business."
Lauren Midgley
Dallas, TX
"Thank you for making a real difference with your opening keynote! Your commitment to creating a connection with the audience was unique. Opening with your interactive format made a huge difference in getting the audience engaged and enthusiastic about the event, which continued all week. And, your presence at our digital event four weeks later was met with resounding accolades, as well. Thank you. Thank you."
Cinda Daly
Help Desk International
“You set the table for us to achieve everything we wanted to this year!”
John Miller
Best One Tire
“We had an overwhelmingly positive response from our group. There wasn’t a person in the room that didn’t have solid takeaways from your talk.”
Tommy McDonald
“Your 'Magnetic’ message of clarity and focus is one I’m using daily.”
Sheri Chaffin
CEO / Aireps
“Joe stresses to benchmark what you do, not against the competition in your category, but to things that have nothing to do with your thing. Becoming A Category of One is a book that I’ve passed around to a lot of people."
Mike Shinoda
Guitarist/Vocalist / Linkin Park
“Joe Calloway’s ‘Magnetic’ program provided simple and practical tools that I will use to re-evaluate my business as I finalize my strategies for next year. The content was immediately relevant to my business.”
Victoria Cabot
Business Insight Seminars
“I especially loved discovering what 3 things what we must always do to create a positive customer experience. We are having a strategic planning session next week and this will be great for our management team.”
Megan Kovacich
Blue Sky Therapy
“Your presentation was RIGHT ON. Our franchisees talked about it all the next day. They really loved it and what's more important I think it's spurred them to make some positive changes. You really MADE our conference!"
Laura Radewald
Chief Marketing Officer / Dunn Bros. Coffee
“Thanks again for a wonderful presentation. The attendees got a wealth of knowledge from your message and it was a great way to kick off the meeting.”
Andrea Cohrs
B2B Marketing / Verizon Wireless
“I’ve watched a lot of speakers who simply broadcast their message to an audience. Rarely do the attendees have the opportunity to become a part of the conversation. Every second of Joe’s time on stage felt like he and the audience were having a very entertaining and informative chat. We all loved it!”
Michael Goldman
Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association Annual Convention
“The talk of the convention…a simple and proven message that related to everyone!”
John Kleine
“We loved having you! We had a fabulous three days that started off exactly right with your keynote.”
Vicki Herrell
Executive Director / Society of Workforce Planning Professionals
“We couldn’t have hoped for a better beginning to our leadership forum. Thank you for bringing your ‘A’ game (although I’m pretty sure that’s all you ever bring)!”
Steve Hamilton
Verizon Wireless