What They Say About Joe:

“You were amazing at our conference – it was truly a success because of you. You’re touched the lives of so many Riverside employees by giving us a new way of thinking and an ‘I can do this’ attitude. Many thanks for a stellar performance.”
Lisa Jensen – Riverside Bank
"I’ve never seen our leaders more energized!”
Nancy Witte – Corporate Meeting Planner
“Very relevant. You gave people a lot to think about. Which is the best end result…don’t you think?”
Delta Hotels Canada
“Every second of Joe’s time on stage felt like he and the audience were having an informative conversation. We all loved it!”
Michael Goldman – Freeman Creative
Stevie Hughes – Atlantic Coast Expo
“Joe has a unique, interactive style of working with the audience. He does a great job in making a connection with them.”
CCC Information Services
“A witty, energetic, and engaging speaker who adds value to companies who love to think or to be challenged on their long held assumptions.”
Joe Fusco – Casella Systems
“Your message was right on with our goals – you really added value! Entertaining, inspiring and a joy to work with!"
Mary Jane Whitaker – Cassidy Turley
“We are in a dynamic phase of our company’s development and your book and presentation are helping make this healthy, productive growth.”
Lisa Fisher – Goddard Systems
"Joe really does have the ability to affect transformation for your business as he has done for us.”
James Attard – TD Canada Trust