The only “wow” factor that matters…


Today the girls and I had lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries (a special Saturday break from the brown rice and broccoli). The company’s business is booming – and their only “wow” factor is:  “Wow….this is a great burger.”

Product quality, clean stores, friendly staff.  Lesson from every market leader:  If you win on the basics – you win.  Not just “be good” at the basics – but actually win i.e. Toyota, Coke, Southwest Airlines, etc. etc.

Now….if you CAN’T win on the basics……better pull out the buzzers and bells, glitz and gimmicks and hope they work. (They won’t.)

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  1. John Fallon Reply

    I’ll definitely pick up a copy day one! Loved everything else he’s written!

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