The ultimate wow.

I did a presentation today at a resort hotel called the Wigwam in the Phoenix area.  Last night I had dinner at thLitchfield’s, the hotel’s restaurant.  I had no particular expectations.  There was nothing unusual about the decor.  The server was fine, and waitress was pleasant.  There was nothing particularly different or distinctive about it.  I ordered the pan roasted sea bass.

Holy moly.  It was extraordinary.  I go to a lot of great restaurants – even owned one for ten years.  I’m not easily impressed.  I have to tell you this sea bass knocked my socks off.  For that matter, so did the salad.  The food was nothing short of exceptional.  I very highly recommend this restaurant.

So what’s my point?

All this restaurant did was serve amazing food with good service at a fair price.

If you’re looking for a way to lock in customer loyalty and have people like me go on the internet to tell the world about your business, try being really, really, really good at what you do.

Or, you could try a gimmick or a slick marketing campaign.  Let me know how that works out for you.

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