I’ve Got 1,000 Things To Do Today! (It Won’t Work.)

There are common threads that are woven through winning companies and top individual performers. There are also common threads woven through the mediocre and the struggling. When I talk with people in companies that are not doing well, they will invariably tell me how complicated their business is, how different it is from other businesses, and that they “have a thousand things to do” each and every day.

When your culture of Yes!…Isn’t.

A group of friends and I recently met for a weekend of catching up, great restaurants, and maybe a little bourbon. We stayed at a hotel that’s part of a small group with locations in eight cities. I’ve stayed at three of their hotels – one of them multiple times – and they have always done a great job. Their customer experience has built a strong brand for them.


Thinking Something Different

A quote that I often reference is from Albert Szent-Györgyi who said, “Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.” In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Tim Evans cited Southwest Airlines as having been a disruptive force in the airline industry because of co-founder Herb Kelleher’s ability to “think something different.”

3 Things to Simplify For Better Results

Here are some ideas on how you can simplify: People sometimes ask me how they can improve their presentations. One of my suggestions is to cut their presentation by 1/3. Editing down almost always improves the quality of your message. Caryn Marooney, Head of Technology Communications at Facebook, says, “If your message isn’t unbelievably simple, you’re missing the point,” she says.